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      In my opinion they are the best brokers. They are transparent and their support is very useful. I would recommend zulutrade it to all of you.

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      With this broker I have the possibility to operate using the “copytrader”. I like to learn a lot of things in forex trading in order to become an expert and operate in total autonomy.

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      With zulutrade I can deposit and withdraw quickly without any problems. I’m followed by a financial adviser who is very knowledgeable and who is helping me to make good profits.

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      I started reading several forums and noticed that most of the people commented positively on this broker. This is why I decided to open the account with them.

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      Hello everyone. I’ve never done trading before but I hear that it’s a good opportunity to make some money. I was searching online and I found this forum. So I’m in need of your opinion, as a beginner, is this the best broker I can find?

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        There are so many brokers listed in the forum. I think that as a beginner zulutrade is a good broker for you because it also makes webinars. You can have a bonus and if you invest 1000 dollars you can have even a financial adviser.

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      Excellent platform, easy to use and without slippage. Forex trading involves risk, but what matters to me is that I can easily choose who to follow, the statistics are transparent and there is an auto limit to losses. Just be sure to review who you follow regularly. I give my strong recommendation to those who do not trade Forex professionally.

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      ZuluTrade often receives mixed reviews because there are many different traders that you can follow. Some traders are good but others are bad. It’s not the fault of ZuluTrade. As a trader we have to use the data that Zulutrade provides and analyze to find the best trader to follow. Some of them are clear martingale traders and this will captivate newbies.

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      Trade with zulutrade under the assistance of a financial advisor. Since I’m part of this broker I have had the opportunity to make excellent earnings, and also to grow as a trader to become an expert.

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      When I started trading with zulutrade I wasn’t sure what I was doing. With them I had the right indications of market analysis and an excellent service. I can define my experience with zulutrade quite good and positive.

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