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      Satisfying experience! By trading with Intraders I was able to obtain excellent earnings by following what the best experts and analysts do.

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      It’s a new company to me and I have no information about it. I searched the internet for reviews but found nothing specific apart from this forum. Can anyone who is trading with them tell me if they are a good company?

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        Intraders is a very good broker. I have activated an account with them for a few months now and I am getting a good experience. However, I think it would be better if you communicate with their agent for further information.

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      Multifunctional platform with a wide range of markets and financial instruments. I thought that I could have some difficulties with the sirix platform but it was almost the same as the mt4 which I’m used to operate.

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      I’m very satisfied with the experience obtained with the Intraders broker. I consider it a reliable and regularly licensed broker.

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      After some negative experiences I have suffered with some scam brokers, I started to inquire about the authorizations and commissions applied before investing with an online trading company. For the moment I started the experience by investing the minimum acceptable capital by activating a demo account.

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      From the experiences I have gained these years I have only learned to show attention to highlighting a reliable and serious broker from a scam broker. With intraders I am having the opportunity to learn a lot thanks to the financial advice offered and the emails that are sent to me daily.

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      We went through a difficult situation due to the covid-19 pandemic. Things in my business are getting worse as we are in total lockdown. Currently I have more free time to devote myself to trading but I’m showing attention and I’m rarely trading with peace of mind and security to manage my investments in the best possible way.

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      I approached the Intraders broker under the advice of a friend of mine. What makes it interesting and attractive as a broker is to copy experienced traders. However, my financial advisor always remains my point of reference for all doubts and perplexities.

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      These last few months things have not gone as I expected. However, in communicating with the financial advisor, he told me that they are expecting big moves later on. Apart from the news that Apple will release its new model the iPhone12, presidential elections are also expected in the United States. Do any of you have any opinion on this or market to suggest to me?

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        The stock of Apple almost always had a raise before the presentation of the new model. I think it’s a very good investment opportunity. Personally I move by following what is suggested by the consultant and I also study the trading signals that are sent to me by the company.

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      The US presidential election is affecting the markets a lot. I prefer to wait and make small moves following what the best analyzes do. This service is helping me a lot to grow professionally and get good results.

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      I try to keep up to date on what’s happening in the world by reading the emails that are sent to me by the company. It has not been long since I invested with the Intraders platform but from now on I have been able to make some profits and try to withdraw. Absolutely satisfied.

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      Trading platform with fast order execution and good spreads. Before being their client I got interested in reading reviews and comments about Intraders.

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      Intraders certainly gave me the opportunity to enter the financial markets with an increased armor. For me it’s a very good broker!

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      In this period I look forward to investing in the Amazon stock as Black Friday is approaching. Due to the covid-19 situation, I don’t know what the expectations will be.

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      An excellent support team very courteous and quick to respond. After having had the chance to deposit and withdraw a few times I can confirm that Intraders is a reliable and serious broker.

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      I believe that Intraders is a complete broker! I think this time I made the right broker choice. I’m very satisfied with the services it offers. It’s a platform that has good commissions and withdrawals are done quickly within 2-3 days.

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      I have been investing in some cryptocurrencies for some years now. Bitcoin is currently enjoying strong growth after the collapse it had in 2017. By following the account manager’s suggestions as well, I think I will get excellent earnings.

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      I have been out of work for some months. The only opportunity to get something was the account I have active with Intraders. Lately I’ve been showing a lot of attention to the moves I’m making.

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      I have been investing with my bank for years but I have not had the opportunity to invest with an online platform. Despite being followed by a financial expert there are many things that I cannot follow and manage. Furthermore, I’m still skeptical and perplexed about investing more sums of money in a company that I don’t know about.

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        With Intraders I started the experience having almost zero information about online trading. I also had the opportunity to invest with other companies but with Intraders I was able to obtain a positive experience. Following the financial expert and studying the signals that were sent to me, I was able to grow professionally and be part of an important project. I got to request the withdrawal 6 days ago and yesterday I had the money in my bank account.

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      Bitcoin continues to grow more and more. I’m very sorry that I have not gotten to purchase much earlier. However, I will keep investing under control because the bitcoin market is unpredictable.

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      A company with a good online trading platform. On the experience I am getting with Intraders I was able to recover the losses obtained from the high experiences with other brokers. I think they deserve it to be listed among the best brokers.

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      I have been in contact with an Intraders agent for a week. I have at my time to do my checks and reading all these comments and opinions reassure me and make me think that it is truly a reliable broker.

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      Excellent platform, very intuitive and simple to use. The main strengths compared to other platforms I think are: free trading advice and signals, cheap commissions and a great support team.

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      I have been investing with Intraders for three years now. There have been times when I have thought about leaving everything and stop investing. By obtaining the advice of a financial expert and taking advantage of some financial services and indicators, I was able to continue the collaboration with Intraders. By now I invest independently and I only feel a few times with the consultant.

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      I didn’t think it was a platform that had been operating in the sector for over 8 years. Comparison with other brokers I have invested get cheaper services.

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      I always try to find out and make sure of the authorization that the companies in which I invest have. Based on the checks I have done I believe it’s a serious broker.

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      Intraders for me personally is a complete broker. I have been in the online investment market for years and have dealt with several online trading companies. I think Intraders is a good trading platform which gives me the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of services. The last time I made a withdrawal was two weeks ago. The practice was quick and easy.

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      The new Delta variant has caused new unrest around the world and I think they will take new measures. I’m showing a lot of attention with the advisor’s help in protecting my account by following a risk management project.

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      I noticed that there are many who invest with the Intraders platform. For the moment I’m in contact with their financial agent who is explaining things to me in detail. I think as soon as I organize and settle my finances a bit I will set up an account with them.

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      I chose the Intraders broker since it offers the social trading service by applying cheaper commissions from other brokers. This service has helped me a lot to grow as a trader and to make good earnings.

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      With all the companies I have had to do they seemed more or less the same. On Intraders I think what I liked the most was the financial advice they offered and the support team.

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      I was able to recover a small part of what I put back after the drop in bitcoin. The financial advisor is helping me to recover again after the loss gained.

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      I chose to activate an account with them after making sure that they were a serious and duly authorized company.

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      Good trading company with a platform that is easy to use and that gets a wide range of markets. The perplexity was there and has now died out with the passage of time and also noting the results obtained so far. I recommend it as a company to everyone.

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      Over the years the stock market evolves and is no longer the same. Now the techniques and strategies used are not generating the desired results. Since I’m part of Intraders I have had the opportunity to learn new trading techniques and strategies thanks to the advice provided and educational materials.

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      In this period there is news that has stirred the markets. In addition to the emails I receive, the consultant also informed me of the growth that oil and some cryptocurrencies have experienced. Luckily I was able to recover after some wrong operations I did.

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      The experiences in trading have not been many but among all I can distinguish this platform. The support team is courteous and very professional. I’m quite happy with them and hope the experience will last a long time.

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      Congratulations for this forum. The reviews I think are valid and very helpful to people like me who don’t have much experience in online trading. In my opinion, Intraders is a serious broker and regularly authorized to operate. The Chinese real estate agency is on the scream of default since it has to pay a debt of 300 billion dollars. Apart from that, the consultant who assists me is advising me and suggesting to invest in some cryptocurrencies which have recently been growing.

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        Hi Simon can you tell me if they are serious about a good broker and if you have had problems withdrawing money? As for the type of operation how is it?

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          My opinion is positive and I think it is a really good broker. Instead it concerns the second question you expressed to me, I can say that I followed the informative emails that are sent to me daily and the suggestions of the financial advisor.

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      A very courteous and quick to respond customer support. Intraders as a company I would list it on one of the best brokers I have invested in. As far as the registration process is concerned, it’s easy and the withdrawals of the money are carried out without problems.

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      The pandemic continues and the new Omicron variant is now in circulation. This is indicating more or less on all financial markets. I’m having the opportunity to get organized and be part of a managed account which I hope will give me a greater return.

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      Broker who charges cheaper commissions than all other brokers I have dealt with. The platform works well and there is no slippage.

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