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      I’m trading with another broker and I’m doing my best to have the way to accumulate the necessary capital to invest it on interactivebrokers. It’s one of the best brokers, except that not everyone can afford to invest with them.

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      The best platform ever. They have great order execution, great spreads, even if their swap rate isn’t the best. I’m using them for FX and stocks. Customer service can improve.

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      I have an account with interactivebrokers for years now. I’ve never had any problems with them. The registration procedure is too long. At first I thought it was a scam broker as they delayed 3-4 days for account activation. Anyway, in general I’m very satisfied with them and would recommend it to everyone as a broker.

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      Reliable, professional and regularly licensed broker. It was a bit difficult for me to invest such a capital as I have had negative experiences with other brokers in the past. I thank my friend of mine who recommended interactivebrokers to me.

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      Interactivebrokers is the best choice among all online trading platforms. Really satisfied with everything they’ve given and taught me so far. I wasn’t a newbie when I started, but I still learned a lot thanks to them! Webinars, technical analyzes, strategies, etc.

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      These forums are very useful especially for newbies because you get to learn more from the broker and proficient traders about their experience and strategies. I’ve seen that Interactivebrokers offers a various number of services and instruments. I would like to know more about which are the markets that guarantee you more profitable operations?

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        I trade in forex exchange with an ecn account and for the experience that I have in this market is going well so far. You can operate also in other markets like stocks or commodities, but I’d suggest you to be followed by an financial adviser at first, to guide you till you’re ready to go on your own. Their leverage is good and high.

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          In fact, yes, I don’t have much experience with online investments, but I invested through the bank before. Since Interactivebrokers is an American broker, I thought it would be safer to trade with them.

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            The important thing about a trading company is to be reliable and transparent towards its customers. Interactivebrokers is a very good broker and among the best of all those broker in this market.

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      I’ve been using a live account for several months now. I mostly use pending orders, but sometimes, although very rare, I find myself wanting to enter the market. I have never encountered a single problem with delays or anything else. In my opinion, it’s the best broker so far.

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      Due to the situation that has arisen, we have sufficient time to make stable and correct investment moves. In my opinion, you have to choose good platforms and Intreractive Broker is one of them.

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      The platform is not very easy to use for novice investors, but for professionals trader it’s amazing. It has a wide range of markets to choose from where you think it will bring you the most profits.

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      Hi, I would like to say my opinion. With customer service you have many ways to communicate via phone, chat and email. They are quick to respond and available 24/6. I am quite happy with them.

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      InteractiveBrokers is one of the most famous and well-known brokers in the U.S. All I want to say is that they have high commissions and spreads. Otherwise, it’s a great platform and worth the investment.

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      It’s a very sad situation for all of us. The investment sector has been hit hard by the global economic downturn. I try to make constant and correct movements.

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      After the announcement of the new iphone12 model, Apple shares will become very expensive so it is an opportunity to buy now that they are still low.

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