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      I’ve been trading with FP Markets for over three months and I’m very impressed with the quality of service I received so far. They are always there for you when you need them.The advice received from FP Markets was really useful in helping me to develop my trading strategy.

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      FP Markets is a broker that doesn’t require a large deposit to get started. I was surprised by the responsiveness of his service, the spreads are low. I recommend this broker.

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      I’ve been a client of this broker for years now and I can honestly say that I’m very satisfied. Customer support and financial advisor are always available to help me with anything I need. I’m happy that I finally found a broker who is exactly what I was looking for.

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      I’ve been using this platform for over two years and it only got better because i found the best strategy that works perfectly. For the past 10 months I have been earning $ 1000- $ 1200 per day and my withdrawal experience has always been good except for once it was delayed for 2 days but in the end I got it.

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      I opened a demo account with fp markets and from what I see I must say that their platform is very good! They have fast order execution with no slippage. I fell in love with algorithmic trading and am planning to activate a real account with them.

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      I was looking for a broker for forex trading and with a fair amount of research I came across Fp Markets. Seems good, does anyone have any major complaints regarding this broker?

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        The quality of service and security come at a price and I prefer to pay more spreads and commissions than to get scammed by the broker. Fp Markets is a reliable and serious broker.

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      It’s a great platform! The support is friendly and always available 24/5. Glad I found a broker like fp markets.

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      I found this forum by looking for reviews and comments on fp markets. I contacted the support to find out more informations about this broker. From the presentation they gave me, they seemed very professional.

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      I also brought a friend here and I’ve been credited with generous percents. I’m personally very satisfied with this platform.

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      FpMarkets is a very well known Australian platform. It has high leverage and low spreads. It allows you to activate an account with them with a low amount. I’ve been their customer for over a year and I can confirm that they have now earned my trust.

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      Before investing in Fpmarkets, I looked for some information about this broker. Most of the comments I’ve read are positive. I have been trading with them for almost a year and have made great profits. This is because he devoted the right amount of time to trading. Not excluding the fact that fpmarkets is a good platform.

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      This is a great broker to rely on. Before investing with FpMarkets I had bad experiences with scam brokers losing a lot of money. I recently registered with them and I can say that I’m quite happy with the results I have obtained.

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      Fpmatkets is a good trading platform. It has several platforms that offer you a wide range of markets. I chose this broker as it offers the possibility to operate on cryptocurrencies as well.

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      It is a difficult situation around the world and the investment sector has been severely affected. Sometimes there have been stock market falls due to the increase in infectious cases with covid-19. I hope we will quickly return to normal life.

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      I chose Fp Markets because it offers high leverage that can go up to 1: 500. Furthermore, it has a platform with good order execution and low spreads.

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      At the beginning of my experience I started with the minimum acceptable capital to understand how the platform works. I had the opportunity to try to withdraw several times and I had no problems, in fact they were done quickly.

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